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Become A Contributing Author
in the Human Phoenix Project


How do I apply?

  1. Reserve Place and read welcome email.

  2. Submit writing on chosen prompt and send with media release form.

  3. Pay balance due and watch for updates.

​How will it be used?

  1. Published in book with name listed in contributing authors' section.

  2. Possibly selected to be read out loud during  performances. 

  3. Posted as anonymous for online discussion.

Empower others

I envision a world where all people feel seen, included and valued as the most authentic version of themselves. To me, being authentic means showing up in process. It means being messy and raw, rather than polished and factory perfect. 


When we witness others being open about their vulnerable life journeys, it's just easier to believe that we are normal and connected, recognizing many similar fears, difficulties and self doubts experienced in our own lives. Witnessing their strength as they fought to take back their power then has us believing that we too can walk through fire and from the ashes, rise again. 

WANT more immersion in the human phoenix project?

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