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About Art as a Therapy with Guest Blogger Sienna Browne,

If you know me, then you know how much I love to connect with people who inspire me. Sienna Browne is one such person. Sienna finds so much healing in her art and often uses her subject matter to both work through her own challenges but also bring specific awareness of her juicy topics to the public eye. I would love to see a world where more art and media creates this kind of awareness. Thank you Sienna for who you are and what you do.

Sienna writes-

Art therapy is not something I have been educated in, although I would consider myself an avid participator. I didn’t realize that art was a form of therapy until I started college. My professors pushed me to have a consistent voice -- to choose something I was passionate about and have it be the focus of my work.

I decided to focus on an area of my life where I struggled, body image and disordered eating. Working through my hurts on a physical surface provided me with the opportunity to exercise my pain, see it in front of me, and separate from it. I felt like it was the first time I was actually coming to terms with myself and how my psyche influenced my worldview.

At first, I was afraid to share with others. I didn’t want my work to change their distort or change their opinions of who I was based on my struggle. When I took the leap and shared, I was amazed at how well people responded. Instead of running away, they resonated with me. Instead of judging me, they applauded my strength and celebrated in my ability to move forward.

I have seen it in my peers as well. Art helps you convey what cannot be put into words. Art helps you relate to other people regardless of age, gender, class or ethnicity. Art helps us recognize and separate from our struggles so that we can learn from it and move onto a more joyful and vibrant existence.

About the Artist:

Sienna Browne is an artists working and living in Long Beach, CA. She works in multiple mediums and is a process based artist. 

Website: siennabrowneart.com

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