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Ecstasy dances with the shadow “Silenced” and celebrates giving voice to authentic pleasure. It honors the sacred fire of passion inside you.

Dear Silenced,

I felt your grip tightening around my throat, binding my chest...struggling to breath...unable to swallow

No-one cares what you’re feeling...they will not hear you, and if they do...they still will not hear.

There is danger in revealing your truth...I feel it. My hand goes to my throat. “If you speak, you make yourself’s happened before... “

...but where...when? “Shhhhhh...stay’s safer that way”

“See?! I told you so...he did not hear you...shamed you for your desires...again.” Better to suffer in silence than to keep reopening the wound and risk...death

I am dying...stifled...the walking dead

I look in the mirror and feel…empty…I don’t even know who I am...

Each time I remain silent your cycle of fear, unworthiness and pain is perpetuated...passed increases its power over...I die a little more...suffocated.

‘No more’…the words begin to overflow from my captive soul and fill my body.

From my trembling lips, a softly whispered ’No more!’ escapes as my body shakes with fear…and I do not die!

’No more!’ I say more firmly and with resolution as my truth bursts forth and, though it is not truly heard, he looks surprised and sees me differently…cautiously…and I walk away leaving my truth echoing through that moment in time.

’NO MORE!’ screams from my soul, shattering the silence, tearing apart the cage that has kept me prisoner for so long…my voice, my breath, my body raging with the pent up anger, sadness, grief, ferocity, and fire of the Dragon, once again unchained!

I can fly!!!

NO MORE will I stay silent, hiding in fear of those who might judge or attack the brilliant, glowing, passionate woman that I AM! I will not hold back my truth in fear of offending those who are not ready to hear. I SPEAK MY TRUTH! I raise my voice in ECSTASY!!!

NO MORE will I allow the sacred sacral fire of my pleasure to be extinguished by shame, hiding the glorious sensual, sexual essence of my divine nature! I AM here to re-ignite the Sacred Sacral Fire in every women and re-awaken the Sacred Warrior in every man…to inspire and AWAKEN all beings of all genders to their true beauty and power…to the essential beautiful nature of WHO they ARE!

I am ‘Silenced’ NO MORE!


– Freyja Inanna

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