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Love Synergy

Love Synergy dances with the shadow “FEAR” and celebrates being in conscious choice. It honors your awakening to unlimited potential.

Dear F.e.a.r., ~ Fuck. Everything. And. Run.

Fuck off. I’m so tired of your lies! You are the biggest bullshit artist on the planet and you make me sick. You are the most twisted fuck I’ve ever known. You are the morbid pusher with the infinite supply of dread. You are the sinister architect that walls me off from all that I cherish, all that I believe and know about my Self. You Suck the Me Out of Me. Please go away. You show me over and over the most scary, difficult times of my life and I am telling you once and for all… those things happened in the past and have no place or bearing on my future.

And actually, I do believe that at some point you were trying to help… there is some small vestige of you I can appreciate in a big picture, evolution of our species kind of way. But let’s face it, you have become too strong for your own good; you are irrationally clinging onto me and straight up making shit up about me! I realize I have hosted you and believed the lies you tell. I have said yes to you over and over because it has, at times, felt too hard to fight you! The stories you told seemed so real. But I am evolving!!!

Look, we need balance. Maybe you can turn down the volume about 99 notches. I see that you are trying to show me where my edges are; but honestly, you are outdated. Life doesn’t work that way anymore. I can turn to what excites me and turns me on to create synergy and creativity and to align more effortlessly to what’s next. I don’t need you to survive, to activate me, to make me grow and change…. I choose to turn to what feels good; to what attracts me. I am done tuning into what’s wrong or what happened to me in the past or all the possible reasons why something won’t work. You are not the protector you make yourself out to be. You are not actually offering safety! I see through the thinning veneer of your stories! I can protect the tender places in myself, thank you. I love those places and they are welcomed here. All you are protecting is a distortion, you create veils of past pain. You are mud on the glass...I am officially spraying Windex on the panes of my perceptions...

I just won’t believe your lies anymore. It’s time to step into the new paradigm

Face. Everything. And. Rise.

- Cathleene Cienfuegos

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