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Tragic Waste to Triumphant Creation!

The plan was to mask the edges of the paintings to make a matted border look and make it easier to handle the paintings from start to finish. The reality is that when the border masking was beautifully removed, so was 20% of the masterpiece. O.O

It took a few days of staring at the finished pieces to work up enough nerve to even do it. I mean, what if something goes wrong and paint squishes somewhere it shouldn’t or what if some of the paint in the important areas pulls up with my careful border peeling? Anxiety.

Daelynn, my artist daughter, helped shift my tormented mindset a bit by sharing that the event of peeling off the border tape could be quite satisfying for many people and that I should record and create a compilation of it, so that’s what I started.

She was right! Ohh the anticipation of a perfect peeling is so dynamic emotionally. I was both freaked out while slowly peeeeling away the lines and extremely gratified when it was complete. Daelynn got the camera in really close too so it could be like riding a sensual rollercoaster if one existed.

I can’t wait to show the compilation video once it's done!

So that went great but then I had this pile of the most artistic tape you ever did see, just bunched up in a loose mountain on my studio floor. Another tragedy! At that point, I had run out of emotional energy to even deal with it and it sat there for days... staring at me every time I came in to work.

Daelynn says to me “Well, why don’t you make something out of it?”

Yeah, but what? And there it sat for a couple more days... continuing to look like a neglected alien pet waiting to be fed.

So last night I finally took “Chaos” in my arms and moved them to a fresh work space and said “what should we do with you buddy?” And I listened in silence until the answer took form. Bookmarks!

From sticky traumatic madness to artistic triumph, 78 bookmarks made from 10 Impact Art pieces were manifested and look spectacular!

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