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Sunrise Summit

The piece, Sunrise Summit, was inspired by my muse, Naomi Carmona-Morshead and her journey with the shadow "Not Enough."

Dear Not Enough,

For years you have followed me through three experiences with death, rejection and low self-esteem. Your ability to distract me from my purpose in life which is to worship G-d and demonstrate love for the children of the earth has at times overwhelmed me.

I used to be “Not Enough.”

Here’s what I know to be true. Golden streams of light have penetrated the darkness of black and grey and blood red that had stained my partnerships on earth. I will not be moved from my foundation of trust and faith that the Creator of the Universe has poured into me. I have learned to fly like the eagle, to run and not be weary, to walk and not faint.

I live in the glow of this light and the flow of strength from within.

Goodbye Shadow, you have no hold on me.

Naomi Carmona-Morshead

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