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The piece, Paradox, was inspired by my muse, Clinton Swaine and his journey with the shadow of "Falling Short."

Dear Falling Short

You’ve watched from the sidelines of my life always reminding me I’ll never fulfill my potential. From a young age I was gifted with brilliance, with athleticism, with creativity. The world was my oyster. If I could conceive it and believe it of course I could achieve it.

Starting businesses. No problem. Getting those businesses to reach their potential. There you were reminding me that Falling Short was my Destiny.

Pursuing martial arts and getting close to my target only to injure myself and there you were again helping me in Falling Short. A lifelong regret in place.

Every so often I succeeded so to maintain the dream that dreams were worth pursuing. Failed marriage after failed marriage you were right by my side reminding me of my inadequacies and weaknesses and why I am perfecting Falling Short.

Dream after dream. Shattered. Progress made but invariably incomplete of the Dream. When I’ll look back in my life it will be filled with "could have", "if only", "could have but" and "could have except."

I would say we’re done for now Falling Short but I’m no longer convinced you’ll leave me alone and I get to be comfortable with your penetrating stare and unshakable grip on my Destiny. Even this promised to be more powerful and yet as always Falling Short strikes again.

However, I am committed to keep on pushing on.

It’s only standards you made up anyway.

I will keep shining to the best of my ability.

–Clinton Swaine

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