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The Gift

The Gift, was inspired by my muse, Gwen Lepard and her journey with the shadow "Worthless."

Dear Worthless,

No matter how much work I’d done to feel Enough, there you were, still hiding in the Shadows whispering… “Worthless.”

“You. Are. Worthless.”

Worthless… It showed in not believing in my value. It showed in not allowing myself to attract clients that would be ecstatic to pay for their transformation. It showed in not allowing myself to attract and receive the love that I desired.

Yep… Worthless!

I was the one that was known for… Joy, Joy, Joy! Always looking on the positive side of things. What I didn’t know was that underneath all that “Joy” was the fear of inadequacy, of not being enough and all that positivity and over-caring was a huge overcompensation for what I really was feeling deep down underneath... Worthless.

I was shamed, blamed, and bullied. All components that created you.

As I looked back at the past and asked , what’s the truth, I come to…

Worthless… REALLY??? I think NOT! In fact, what I really am is included in that statement.

Let’s look at you, Worthless…

“Worth - less.”

What’s the first part? WORTH!!!

What else starts with Worth?

Worthy! Worthwhile! Worthiness!

What is Worth? Worth equals Value, Useful, Sought…

I Am Valuable. I Am Useful. I Am Sought after for the transformation that only I can bring!

I Am Worthy! I am Worthwhile! I Walk with Worthiness!

In fact, I AM Worth It!

Not Worth-less. Worth MORE!!!

Worth more life, love and legacy!

Worth bringing in wellness, wealth and overall well-being!

What is truth here? Worthless is Fear in action.

Worthlessly hiding so that those seeking transformation couldn’t see my usefulness or my value to them. Fear, Worthless, had me afraid to be found. No more!

Transformation is My Game! Worthlessness transmuted to Worthiness. Moving on to the positive side.

From beginning to end, boy was this a ride. At first, a deep dive into the depths of Worthlessness, because the best way I know to get beyond a challenge is to FEEL it. Really feel it fully until it loses its power. Sometimes it only takes moments, others months and... it takes as long as it takes... as we unpeel the next layer of the onion of transformation.

As I began to release the grip of Worthless, I saw in the eyes of others appreciation, love, and joy! Then I heard the words of praise, positive uplifting, words of worth, value, significance!

I’ve learned to honor, absolve, and accept the parts that created you, Worthless, and now am definitely Worth-MORE...

I Am Worth It! I am Worthy!!!

Thank you, Worthless for the gift of Worthiness.

–Gwen Lepard

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