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The piece, Tsunami was inspired by muse, Holly Higby and her journey with her shadow of "Holding back."

"Dear holding back,

I will NO longer be holding back all of my potential, for fear of being judged. No longer holding back the creative inner child who wants to PLAY! Letting her out, from a deep down stifled forgotten place from within. Truly showing myself, my free childlike spirit, my awesomely creative, yet humble genius, in all of it's dorky glory. Without worry of how others perceive me. Not hiding or holding back the creative gifts that God has blessed me with. I have also been blessed with an optimist soul, choosing to see the good in others. By not holding back my gifts, I choose to share them, in hopes of inspiring other free spirits out there and lift others up.

I truly believe we cannot build ourselves up, by tearing others down."

–Holly Higby

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