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Embodied Trust

The piece, Embodied Trust, was inspired by my muse, Emerald Peaceful GreenForest and her journey with the shadow "Not Enough."

Dear Not Enough,

I've had ENOUGH of you!! Always whispering in my ear - did you do enough? Is there enough? Have you made enough? Will there be ENOUGH?

You have ragged on my ass for far too long. Driving me to always feel like there is never....ENOUGH. That I am never... ENOUGH.

I'm truly complete. I see how badly I have wanted to SHUT YOU UP. I see how terrible you have made me feel. I see how your incessant demands have nearly eaten me alive. I see how your constant craving is a never ending vacuum of my life force. I see how you have caused the consumer culture that is eating the life force right out of the earth and leaving MORE THAN ENOUGH waste and wanton destruction behind.


I know better now. You are evil. Desperate. Empty. Disconnected. A hungry hungry ghost. I am clear exactly how you have kept me in a constant state of high anxiety. Always rushing to and through every moment - never fully present to the beauty and bounty all around that is free for the enjoying. Never able to relax. To rest. To replenish the purest most natural divine energy that comes from the stillness and from the deep heart of nature freely and without strings attached.

I wish you well - and far away from me. And of course I want to thank you - for showing up right now - and showing me the way to healing, wholeness, balance and peace that I could never have seen if I hadn't finally had ENOUGH of you. Thanks for that - truly I am grateful.

- Emerald Peaceful GreenForest

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