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The Mission

The Mission dances with the shadow “Not-good-enough” and celebrates breaking through the illusions of safety from failure and rejection. Closing the chapter on playing small, it invokes new beginnings and greater adventures.

Dear Not-Good-Enough,

Ah it’s you again …. reminding me of how bad it felt when I put myself out there on the proverbial limb of life and things didn’t work as I expected or hoped … whether it was love, or business, a new business venture, stepping out to ask for help .…

So you try to seduce me back into ‘ playing small’, and doing it all myself! And when I got sick, it felt comfortable, reasonable, even rationale, and I bought your story, the whispers of ‘Ah just let it go’ …. I bought it all….not for just for a while …. actually for a long time. And as I reflect, I realized you have done this over and over, over the years with slightly different variations on the same theme. And in some ways it felt so safe to ‘play small’ …but it’s really a lie… as playing small serves no one…not me, not the people I can help …playing small, it’s an illusion of being safe. And Frankly it’s not Fun! I feel guilty when I do it …feel like I’m wasting gifts that were given to me. And my dear friend Emma make me promise her before she passed that I would not do that anymore… and it’s a promise I need to keep now, not just to Emma, but to myself and to Christ. To use the gifts and knowledge I have been given for the good of those who really want to heal.

So, Not-Good-Enough, your time is up! Thanks for the lessons— Class is now out on these subjects! Time to break through the illusions!

To New Beginnings and New Adventures!

JulieAnn Engel

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