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Full Abandon

Full Abandon dances with the shadow “Insecurity” and celebrates the declaration of freedom and honors the decision to have deep desires and allow in all the beauty life has to offer.

Dear Insecurity,

I have watched you throughout the years rob me of my happiness and pleasure. I will no longer listen to the insanity you feed me. The times in my life when I should have leaped forward with open arms to life and all it has to offer, you kept me stunted and pulled back. There is no glory in playing it safe, only regrets of not giving opportunity to new horizons and expansion available to me. Today I declare my freedom. For you will not hinder my expansion, growth and pleasure. I will allow myself to be fully expressed and alive, no matter what people think of me. Playing small does not serve them or me. Today I will do what I desire, and maybe by this example others who suffer like me can do the same.

Anna Banana

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