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Living Impossibilities

"Living Impossibilities" was inspired by my muse and beautiful wife, Katie Anne Holton, an amazing woman who holds space for people to expand beyond their own self perceived limits.

"Dear Trapped,

You’re not, you know. Trapped, that is. Not at all. 

It may be hard for you to believe, but it’s true. I’m your living proof. I no longer live in the world you thought trapped you. I rarely even visit, and when I do, I have a hard time believing that I ever lived there. No wonder you were so miserable so much of the time.

You thought you were trapped living a gender that wasn’t yours. You thought you were trapped in a career that, with every passing year, brought you more pain and less joy. You thought you were trapped in loneliness and lovelessness. You thought that if you dared step outside of your traps, you’d lose all that you held dear, most importantly, your children.

Yeah no. That’s not the world I live in. Not even close. I live comfortably in my own skin as the woman I am. It turns out that I don’t need the career that I thought was all that I had. My social and love lives are full to overflowing. I am married to a woman I didn’t dare to dream, with a bonus “lovesband” I didn’t know I wanted. They, their daughters, and my sons are a family beyond what I could have imagined.

And you, who saw yourself as trapped, made all that happen. All of it. You stubbornly refused to be limited by what you thought was possible. I will be forever grateful, living impossibilities." ~Katie Anne Holton

24"x 18" Acrylic on canvas panel Contact Artist for purchasing and commissions

Living Impossibilities

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