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Embracing Darkness

"Embracing Darkness" was inspired by my oldest daughter, Damia Meglasson, who is currently recounting all her childhood adventures in a creative writing course and passing them off as fiction to her unsuspecting readers. Only her family knows the truth. We survived the truth! And we are very proud of a warped kind of way.

"Dear Dangerous,

A lot of people tell you that it’s normal, that everyone has creative Machiavellian thoughts and that you shouldn’t worry about them. But we both know that we’re going to worry. These aren’t just passing thoughts that leave as soon as they appear. They stick around a while and get more detailed like something you’d find in a murder mystery novel. One thing that you may or may not hear, however, is that the fact that you worry means you’re going to be okay. If you feel scared of hurting the people that you love, that’s good. Hold onto that feeling because it means you HAVE empathy. You are SAFE, your loved ones are SAFE, your family is SAFE. You are AWARE and you are STRONG. You’re just going to be a fabulous writer! – Damia Meglasson

24"x 18" Acrylic on canvas panel $960 Contact Artist for purchasing and commissions

Embracing Darkness

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