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2019 Summer 

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2019 Winter 

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2019 Spring 

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2018 Fall 

The Shadow Dancer Collection is inspired by transformative lessons learned in the human collective journey through disillusionment and inner lies around self-worth and self-efficacy. Each work is scratched, beaten, flogged, splashed and accented through 7 layers that symbolically mirror the human journey through time. These impactful layers weave together a story, the discovery of awareness of choice and the consequent struggle to separate lies from authentic truths of who we really are. The Art is about finding power and human connection in the journey itself and creating closure with each shadow by loving it back into the light, harvesting from it the greatest lessons it ultimately gives. It becomes a homage to the impact we ourselves are leaving in the world and with the people we love most.

When someone chooses to take a journey with me to create a private collection of pieces, they may find themselves magically transformed into a playful shadow hunter, on an epic personal journey while on a private French Riviera cruise, or on a mountain self-care retreat or from the comfort of their own home. They even have the option to immerse themselves in the art, with a hand in its physical creation and create a uniquely unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

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