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The Art of Becoming a Legacy: Keynote preview coming soon

Podcast Interviews with Impact Artist Heather Meglasson 


Wickedly Smart Women Podcast

Exploring Our Shadow Through Impact Art—with Heather Meglasson.
Show Host Emerald Greenforest (a.k.a. Anjel B. Hartwell)


Vagina Talks


Empowering the Phoenix in Ourselves with Heather Meglasson. Show host Sophia Wise One


Adventure Mind Podcast

A "unfiltered" conversation with Heather Meglasson and show host, Joshua "The Jedi" Loya.

What people are saying 

What people are saying

A small community that is willing to step into something that’s a little bit shocking to witness but at the same time they’re willing to go a step further will find that Heather’s event harbors safe support and camaraderie. The intimacy of a small gathering is where the value is brought home.

Heather’s art style is definitely an evolution in the melding of things that I’ve witnessed. With that, it’s taken a little bit further than Jackson Pollack. Yes, it has that essence, but it goes further with this spin of having a little bit of BDSM and a little sense of Tantra, and a little sense of the familial. That’s in some way what I enjoy about the experience, all those things, the BDSM, the familial and the Tantric which really goes to a very fine distance with expression of the art. It’s definitely worth going to this performance!

Ryan DeFreeze


What I experienced tonight that I wish everybody could experience is that opening of possibility to retrieve innocence when dancing with shadow.

I was impressed with Heather’s ability to reconnect to that innocence and bring it out to people.

I think the lessons that people can gain from this is that their personal experience is transpersonal so whatever happens to them, like what happens to me is also happening to someone else, so we are not alone. That fear, that anxiety, that tightness is unique and shared and it can be moved and loved in a group better than alone.

I am taking with me that I can befriend my fear and thank my shadows once I’ve danced with them.

Emilia Louisa Pucci

I really enjoyed the fact that the purpose of theater is meant to be cathartic, which is essentially causing transformation, self-reflection, self-discovery, self-growth.


Heather’s show really was cathartic in that way, that I got to see myself in front of me and to see my story told back to me, loved and changed and shifted. I love that it was something that had life and emotion and it was different every moment, like I want to be.


For me the show gave itself permission to be new every moment and I have never really seen that in theater before.

The entire planet is yearning and aching to be seen and heard and loved and accepted. So anywhere on the planet that says yes to her is a place where the show will have value.

Oryan Infinity


Working with the Shadow Dance was one of the most beautiful ways to be in relationship with my shadows and release the struggle they bring. It was so powerful to release and find the gift not only in my own shares, but in the shares that each of us spoke. Finding the common thread among each of us reminded me we are never alone, always supported, and we can always find the common thread in our human experiences.

Kaitlin Raine

Describing Heather’s art, I feel connection, fierce, flowing, fearless, it’s extraordinary!


Heather herself, really is extraordinary. And how she describes how it all came about, and her fears of how she thought her art was going to be bad. She brought in all her limitations and fears of how she would fail and instead it’s almost like the divine is painting these, is removing the shadows, and bringing in light and bringing in the story.


Every one of her pieces is totally unique and extraordinary and yet you can see the common threads running though them because of how she brings herself to every painting and every story.

When I look at Heather’s Shadow Dance art, I feel motions. I feel emotions. I feel catharsis and in mine I feel seen.

Gwen Lepard


Heather is an amazing human being and an artist! Her art impact style is fabulous! I think it’s creative and expressive. I think it’s different and thought provoking.


Now that I know the way it is created, when I look at Heather’s art, I think that brings another element to it so I’m really glad that she shared with us the way that it’s created so others can see that. Because if you just look at something on a canvas, sometimes you have a different perspective of just looking at it. But when you know how her creative process works, it brings in so many other dimensions and levels to that work of art.


If somebody wants a new experience, wants something thought provoking, a place to have permission, a place to open up to different ideas, then this would be a good place for them to come. I would say just do it and see what arises for you.

Anna Ceniceros

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