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Emerging Abstract Expressionist, Heather Meglasson lives and works out of San Diego, CA. With a background in disciplines of fine art, creative movement, holistic medicine, and psychology, Heather now combines these to live her mission in creating and supporting safe spaces for people to self-explore and evolve. Her art is very much a reflection of this.

Influenced heavily by Jackson Pollock, BDSM and Jungian psychology, her Impact Art style dances aggressively over the canvas in layers. Variations in tools, color and stoke style combine to symbolically mirror the human emotional journey through time.

Her group and solo shows have been experienced at private galleries in San Diego and San Pedro, CA. Heather Meglasson is currently completing a book based on her Shadow Dance Collection that will feature her art and the writings of more than 40 muses that inspired her work.


Podcast Interviews with Impact Artist Heather Meglasson 


Wickedly Smart Women Podcast

Exploring Our Shadow Through Impact Art—with Heather Meglasson.
Show Host Emerald Greenforest (a.k.a. Anjel B. Hartwell)


Vagina Talks


Empowering the Phoenix in Ourselves with Heather Meglasson. Show host Sophia Wise One


Adventure Mind Podcast

A "unfiltered" conversation with Heather Meglasson and show host, Joshua "The Jedi" Loya.

What people are saying . . .  

 “The attention and the energy and the depth and the focus and the clarity that you put into this… and I really really witnessed it tonight when I walked into that space and pointed out my painting. The way that you captured my essence, the way that you saw me through this work, it just… it moved me to the core… It was a full body visceral experience.”

­-Daniel Tyler Pohnke

“I absolutely love how you saw me and how you see me…you gave me so much to transform my worthlessness through your ask and I am so honored to be able to be a part of your project and have the transformation of asking my shadow what it’s given me. It’s given me value. And you’re such an incredible…you bring so much value to the planet. Thank you for helping me express my value.”

-Gwen Lepard

“What has been so amazing to see, is how her paintings reflect every single person that inspired her to the point where you can tell [which is]whose painting because she translated their essence on to the canvass so clearly that other people can see it when we look at that canvas. That’s inspiration. That’s magic. That’s what Heather brings to everything she does with life.”

-Katie Anne Holton

“I deal with depression, post traumatic stress, anxiety. I’m not perfect. Even though I jump out of airplanes, even though I have two national surfing titles, five black belts, all these crazy things I’ve done, I’m imperfect. All of us are…We can always become better. We can always become more tomorrow than we are today. We are always more today, and we were yesterday. And there’s so much living to experience, so much life. And I feel absolutely privileged to be able to be part of this project.”

-Joshua “The Jedi” Loya

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