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Magical Beingness

"Magical Beingness" was inspired by my youngest daughter who is nearly an adult but understands the value of not becoming one too fast. I've been so blessed to hold a space of validation and encouragement for her to follow her passion of becoming an artist completely independent of the need for such. She is a self directed, self disciplined, driven creative who knows that it's her own opinion of her creativity that counts and teaches the same to others. This alone gives me such joy though I secretly hope that it might matter to her one day, that I have always been and will always be her number one fan. Enjoy the creation of Magical Beingness!

"Dear 'not good enough,'

Just know that the road of perfection is infinitely long and the end impossible to reach. It's okay to exist and just do the things you like. I like existing."

- Daelynn Meglasson

24"x 18" Acrylic on canvas panel Contact Artist for purchasing and commissions

Magical Beingness

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