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Quantum Impact

The Human Phoenix Project is dedicated to all who seek full self-expression.


"Dear Inconsequential, I was hungry. So attached to belonging, so wanting to have your input and contributions be more than just dismissed or passed at a glance. You lacked in finesse and understanding of the balance and flow of friendly connection. Inconsequential you, desiring of accolades but not knowing how to give. Because of you, I owned this unquenched thirst and the pain of not being seen, to believe that I was not good enough. 

Dear Inconsequential, I am grateful. I am grateful that I grew to learn how to learn, to model those happy free flowing beings in my world that seemed to draw people to them without effort. I learned to recognize that just because I wanted it, didn’t make it so. Who would want to follow me?

Dear Inconsequential, I see you. I learned that you were a belief, a feeling, and not a definition of who I am. I learned to hold space for people to be seen and receive the type of validation that I so long sought after. I learned that in giving service and attention selflessly, without attachment, that your essence of inconsequence dissolves. I matter to me and if I am happy with what I do and who I am being, then if someone else notices, I am happy they received some value. 

Dear Inconsequential, I witness you. You still lurk in the shadows of my darkest fears. In times when I fall into lonely thoughts, there you are waiting to remind me that no one is coming to rescue me in the dark. And then I remember that I am a creative manifestor. I am joyful and passionate about what I share in the world regardless of who sees, hears, knows. I know, that I matter. I matter to me and only I truly have the power to shine my own darkness of inconsequence away."

-- Heather K. Meglasson 

24"x 18" Acrylic on canvas panel Contact Artist for purchasing and commissions

Quantum Impact

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