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The Rebel

The Rebel dances with the shadow “Diminished” and celebrates breaking away from existing in the negative mind, stepping into awareness and rededicating yourself to your devoted passionate human spirit.

Dear Diminished,

Hey, I really appreciate how you protected me from my childhood environment. You know, the rage, chaos, constant punishments. You were a good ally to have so I could endure the presence of Enhanced Negativity and Emotional Disability. If you hadn’t been there, I might have partnered more with those guys, but due to you, we just hung out with Frustration, Occasional Harshness and Logical Thinking.

But guess what? I’m not sure you fully noticed that childhood was several decades ago and we’re in a better environment now. Our friends, Everlasting Devotion, Endless Positivity and Spiritual Awareness are dedicated to our well-being and evolution. Our partner, Empathic Love, is fully on board.

I know it might sound ludicrous to throw away all our good years together. We had some truly numb times and I really am grateful for how you saved me from recognizing how awful things were. So what do you say we keep you around but invite your cousin, Augmented Feeling, to join our little entourage? That way, we can start playing with Energetic Stream, Radiant Abundance, Blissful Sunburst and the like.

Thank you again for all the low volume and for helping me now to locate the rheostat I just can’t seem to find.

Your friend forever,


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