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Unveiled dances with the shadow Nobody, tearing down the hyper vigilant walls of protection and breaking abusive ancestral patterns. It celebrates a spiritual awakening and the consciousness and honors choosing your own divine path.

Dear Knowbody,

You have kept me safe for all these years, hiding me from the violence of the world, and even more, the violence of family.

The violence of the overt wolf heads of Scylla, taking their chunks of my soul. You helped me learn to dissociate, hiding pieces of myself away, safe from harm.

The violence of the covert sucking whirlpool of Charybdis, possession hidden in a warm embrace. You helped me learn to have boundaries of steel hidden beneath the pleasing exterior. You prevented me from losing myself.

But it is time to move on.

I have long ago left the home of my family, creating my own sanctuary.

I have raised a child and broken the ancestral patterns.

I have partnered with a radiant soul, standing tall, interdependent and independent at the same time.

My connection to the divine is constant, my realization of it only periodically interrupted.

I hear the Messages of the divine, coming through since youth, now loud and clear.

It is safe to be seen.

It is safe to be heard.

Let’s find something else for you to give me.

Let’s find another job for you.

I love you, respect you and am ready for the next step in our growth and evolution.


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