Amplify Your Inner Impact Artist 

Embrace an unforgettable weekend of deep focused exploration with vision, shadow and cathartic art sourcery that connects all the dots of who you are becoming. You will come away with more clarity around who will benefit from you the most, without depleting your energy and talents. Welcome to the Impact Art Immersion Weekend.

Be empowered to write an inspiring piece that connects you to yourself and the people you serve. Then you will be given guidance and access to wield my unique artistic "tools of mass construction" in the sacred Impact Vault. The professionally finished piece will be yours to keep and you will be added as a contributing author in my 2020 book on the Human Phoenix Project.

As Your Journey Continues... 

I invite you to check in with all that you are. You've already come so far in this human experience of challenge and triumph. You've gathered so many resources to support you in your journey and most likely you have become a resource yourself.

That's why you are a Human Phoenix

You don't let challenges and doubt keep you from showing up and living your purpose even if it means being seen unpolished and in-process. And honestly, that's what makes you so approachable and inspirational.

When people experience you, they don't feel they are the only ones who go through times of self doubt. They also feel you making a difference in their life, even from your most vulnerable space in the way you show up.

Like you, I just want to be authentically me and serve from a place that is energetically and emotionally sustainable.
I also help people find that elusive sweet spot. 


I am just a mom, wife and impact artist on my own journey. I've picked up my own resources along the way (okay so it was a bit of an education addiction) that have helped me through overwhelm, fear and an unfounded sense of unworthy inconsequence I still sometimes revisit from childhood as I am driven to pushing my growth edges. I've even published a book about it, contributed to several others, spoken on large stages and facilitated dozens of events for at least a decade around emotional self-care, as part of that journey.

The thing is, I LOVE taking people with me on this journey!


It's not nearly as fun to do alone. Then on my quest for role models who seem to have made it through the engaging of their own shadows to the elusive "other side," I discovered that not one of them has ever felt to have truly arrived. They were actually taken aback that I had seen them that way. I love that, because it all of a sudden gave me permission to not have to be absolutely perfect to still feel impactful! In fact, recently some people have called me a "Bad Ass Rock Star" and it's now part of my current growth edge to not only stop shying away from that, but actually lean into and own that beingness in all points and processes of my personal  journey.

But why?

Because If I had the power to deliver just a little insight for all of humanity, someone somewhere who needs it most, would realize that they are not alone in their sense of any self-deficiencies and see truly that they have huge value in this world just by showing up and being present. We've all from time to time, re-experienced fears of the past, different levels of confidence, and worthiness, or lack thereof.  I have a vision to paint it all as beautiful messy journeys that intrinsically share the messages "you are not alone, and you matter" because I see a world where individuals feel connected and valued.

It is the right time and place
for this powerful immersive experience to have manifested. 


It was only through the flow of my art, collection of diverse expertise and personal mission to create and support safe spaces for people to self-explore and evolve that all the essential pieces fell into place. The resulting immersive program completely reflects my personal journey through holistic movement, music, hypnotic exploration, experiential environments, improv,  therapeutic journaling and impact art. Together they create a dynamic catalytic modality toward uncovering truth, shifting meaning, integrating experiences and clarifying purpose in a way that deeply supports focused forward momentum.  This program is also designed to compliment or enhance your current favorite healing or explorative resources! 

The Tangibles

Included with Impact Art Immersions I & II together:

  • Two works of Art you are guided and provided resources to create.

  • Contributing Authorship to the 2020 Human Phoenix Project Art book.

  • A signed copy of the 2020 Human Phoenix Project Art book.

  • Three Meals and nutritious snacks

  • Other gifts and bonuses

The Adventure

Included with Impact Art Immersions I & II together:

  • Hypnotic Deep Dive Discovery Sessions

  • Training with the "tools of mass construction"

  • Facilitation and Guidance from the Artist

  • Supportive work space.

  • Access to the Impact Vault

The Sneak Peek

Two Weekends Left for 2019: October 11-12 and November 1-2. Day III is an optional upgrade for November 3rd. 

Art Immersion I: Forward Focus Friday

Featured Sessions


  • Power Perceptions and Reflections 

  • Deep Dive Hypnotic Treasure Hunt

  • Creating a Vision Vortex Masterpiece

  • Harvesting the Magic

Art Immersion II: Shadow Warrior Saturday

Featured Sessions


  • Plugging in and Powering up

  • Tools of Mass Construction

  • Shadow Letters & Conversations

  • Deep Dive Hypnotic Weaving

  • “Dear Shadow” Letter

  • Through the eyes of the Artist

  • Impact Vault Sessions

  • Harvesting the Magic

Art Immersion III: Integration Sunday (Optional Upgrade)

Featured Sessions


  • Private session 1

  • Private session 2

  • Human Phoenix Experiential Journey

  • Harvesting the Magic

“Two paintings, published as a contributing author, additional publicity AND a deeply empowering adventure?!  Heather, I am totally a ‘Hell Yes!’ Reserve my space right now!” 


  • Pay in Full $1,500 here for the November 1-2 Impact Art Immersion.

  • Pay one down payment of $600 here and become an Impact Art Patron at the $250/month Tier for the remaining balance of $1000 here. I will contact you to confirm and answer any questions and just generally be there to connect with you. 

Yes, the cost is THAT low, but it won’t last forever. I only take on 10 participants max per weekend event and there are only 40 places available in the 2020 Human Phoenix Project book. 

“This is totally cool Heather
though way beyond what I need right now. Can’t I just hang out and watch what happens in your project?”


Sure!! I love online voyeurs, fans who come to my gallery parties and events, places to speak on my topic of "Reframing Your Life" or even guest blogging. I am accessible and fun regardless of whether you invest in my services or not. 

Connect with me on 

Patreon (Cost effective tiers come with scintillating bribes)

Facebook (Impact Art page and community)

Instagram (

LinkedIn (Business to Business stuff)

My favorite activities are those that serve my vision that sees a world where each individual feels connected and valued.

That’s the simple way to my heart.

I look forward to seeing you wherever you feel called to be.

Love and Brilliance,

Heather Meglasson, Impact Artist

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