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Post Artpocalypse!

Ok not really, but it was a glorious mess! In November, my team and I were in Julian, CA, and while other parts of California were burning hard, we only had to deal with high winds and no electricity. Soooo not complaining. Propane, batteries, and the occasional use of a generator to charge devices and run colored lighting, and I was a happy camper. 

In the past, I had set my studio up outside using a clear plastic covered canopy. The wind would have had a field day with THAT set up again, so this time, I borrowed the black plastic sheeting and other black materials from a marvelously messy video shoot I have directed the previous week. It worked FANTASTIC! Totally doing it again! Here is exactly what the indoor studio looked like when I was done painting the 10 Human Phoenix pieces over 3 days. 

Drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

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