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Raw Witness

Raw Witness dances with the shadow “Self-hatred” and celebrates the healing power of simply witnessing the self and loving it in all its human messiness. It honors the ability to hold a loving compassionate space while waiting for difficult emotional cycles to dissolve.

Dear Hatred,

You are literally hatred of God, the injustices, the pain, the RAPE.

Of course there is hatred. But can it soften?

Can we allow it to BE, instead of turning our backs from our Truth yet again?

In the acknowledgment of the hatred, there is also an acknowledgment of the Truth.

Acknowledgment of the actuality of what has been.Yet, we don’t have to repeat it.

Staying in the pain of the hatred just perpetuates more of the same.

This is not forgiveness, this is allowance of self. This is unconditional positive regard for the worst and most screaming parts of ourselves.

The pain, and the rage, and the angst, and the anger.. it’s real.

Just like all the violations that caused it.

We look, we see, we hold it.. in all of its mess, and it starts to soften - by being witnessed,

by witnessing all of it, by loving what we see in the deepest mess …of pain… and allowing that, we heal.

The root of anger then withers and dies. Our hands pull out the daggers that we stabbed into our own chest, and they soften and release those daggers that we held ready to throw at the world.

The cycle ends.


Rhiannon Henry

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