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The piece, Remember was inspired by muse, Makena Andrews and her journey with the shadow "Small."

"Dear Small,

Oh child inside, you are not small.

You are much bigger than you ever imagined.


And like the wind, you are vast, expansive and never ending!

I know,

Sometimes it’s hard to see how big you actually are.

And sometimes it’s hard for others to see also.

But when the winds blow,

the leaves rustle,

and the trees timber,

the largeness of YOU is unveiled!

Remember this my child,

even when your wind is still you are not small,

it’s just hidden air,

craving to blow wildfires of desire.

Come small one,

I invite you to take up space,

to unfurl and FREE your wind!

Though you were you small in size once:

you are not small, and you never were.

Like the wind,

the bigness of you cannot be contained.

Do not believe the illusions that you are too much.

For you are the air that gives life as we breathe,

and you are the wind that gives joy as we live!

Little one,


do not forget,





–Makena Andrews

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